VA – Summer Collection 2018 [MSR237]

Artist: VA
Title: Summer Collection 2018
Genre: Tech House, Techno
Label: MoonShake Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Caravaca – Other Side (Original Mix) 06:59 124bpm Bmin
Oz Romita – Chemistry (Rod B. & Monrabeatz Remix) 05:53 125bpm Fmaj
Jazzam, Cesar Green – Sun Tribe (Piano Intro) 06:22 121bpm Amin
Velasquez – Lets Move (Original Mix) 06:54 123bpm F#min
Althoff – The Mob (Antonino Pace Remix) 06:16 125bpm Amin
Gareth Stirling – Get It On (Original Mix) 06:49 125bpm Amaj
Raandra – Tremor (Original Mix) 07:55 122bpm Dmin
Velasquez – Believe In Anything (Original Mix) 07:05 123bpm Dmin
Caravaca – You’re Ok Bb (Original Mix) 06:53 123bpm Amin
Brodi – Wait For It (Original Mix) 07:21 124bpm Amin
Jmnogueras – Kick The Base (Original Mix) 07:46 125bpm Amin
Althoff – Vendetta (Original Mix) 07:09 123bpm D#maj
Clever Liboni – Crankshaft (Original Mix) 05:48 124bpm Dmin
Oz Romita – Set Me Free (Pedro Costa Remix) 06:11 124bpm Fmaj
Caravaca – Deactived (Original Mix) 06:20 123bpm A#maj
Brodi – Name This (Original Mix) 06:41 124bpm F#min

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